First Flight

First Flight

Established on 17th November, 1986, first flight is a very famous and remarkable name in terms of courier services. They started with establishing their network in three cities, namely Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

Since first flight has gained lots of remarks on its efficient service and quality, it has achieved an outstanding response from its customers. It cannot be said as a dream that has finally come true but ultimately it was an outcome of the realization and efforts that have early been provided within though the efforts of market size of India.

After having a deep insight from its founder manager and director , Mr O.P.Saboo which has led the industry to reach a point where it is today. Today, first flight courier is considered as India’s Largest Domestic Courier Company.

  • Across India, there are total of 930 First Flight Offices.
  • Total of 2208 centre’s of collection.
  • 452 Franchisee Locations
  • It serves total of 5000 destinations across India (pincode).
  • There are approximately 1000 complete dedicated employees.
  • There are 8 strategically owned international markets
  • It serves a global network of 220 countries across the world.

Right from the terms of growth to its initial stage, first flight courier is making every possible effort to set up a large divisional scale of logistics that will provide a complete frame right from distribution channel to that of warehousing and inventory management. The company is making every effort to provide an end solution to its clients and customers. Moving along with time, first flight is making its best acknowledgements in investing efforts to build a highway that is affiliated with State-of-the-Art Super Information Technology

There are several commitments that have been made by first flight proving the corporate efficiency and Excellency of work. It is making efforts’ in opening gates for the households to face various opportunities and threats to meet the upcoming philosophy.

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