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First Flight Couriers Online Tracking

First Flight Couriers commenced its courier services on 17th November 1986, by setting up three offices in India at Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi, and  with the overwhelming response from the customers, its growth went on leaps and bounds, making it the India’s Largest Domestic Courier Company.

Updating its activities from time to time, First Flight has been making substantial effort in building a State-of-the-Art Super Information Technology highway, giving wonderful courier service and also establishing a well appreciated First Flight Couriers Online Tracking service, besides its regular domestic and international courier services.

First Flight having committed to corporate excellence , working hard for making it a common household name, also avails all the  opportunities meeting every challenge to get into innovative types of services

First Flights Services

The  company focusses on attending to the various kinds of  needs of all sorts of customers, recognising the scope  as follows

Through its Domestic Express Mode , couriering Documents and Non-document shipments,  it carries  guaranteed and prioritized  shipments  through its own aircraft added with  the fastest and first available commercial airline opportunities , and surface mode transport, ensuring immediate retrieval from the Airport and delivery effected in the quickest possible time.

Equally for International destinations, First Flight applies the same quality of service and value enjoyed by our domestic customers establishing on-time deliveries, it also gives extra importance to the safety of  the shipments it is entrusted with, relieving the  customers of  all worries relating to shipments.

First Flight has also introduced a novel product branding it Emotional Bond, to deliver all items to convey one’s personal greetings and good wishes, in the form of flower  bouquet, birthday cakes etc on behalf  of the customer to any corner of the land, all one has to do is to furnish the name of the person to whom the gift is to be delivered ,by specifying  the occasion with reliable assurance of the  consignment reaching  the desired addressee on time.

First Flight operates a separate division for the Corporate customers to assist them in various travel arrangements primarily, however, besides arranging for air travel, organising tours, assisting in foreign exchange transactions, Passport related jobs, obtaining Visa etc, they also facilitate the Corporate customers for organising Seminars, Get togethers, Roadshows, also arranging for Hotel accommodation to the Executives, with well bargained tariff and fees, for which activities, First Flight Tours and Travels division has  IATA approval besides outstanding working relationship with a number of international and domestic travel organisations and airlines.

First Flight Tracking

First flight courier tracking can be done in two methods, first through  their portal by furnishing the shipment code which is the consignment number and obtaining the status of the shipment and the other method  by sending a text message through SMS, to their tracking service number 55352, by typing FF TRK, followed by the Consignment number , giving a space in between, such as, for example , FF TRK B22399923.

First flight couriers tracking webpage provides other facilities also , such as, Rate Calculator,  estimated Transit Time , Volumetric Weight , Pickup Request , Conversion Factors  and World Clock

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